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Standards & Codes in Emerging Technologies

Developing innovative technologies that increase building energy efficiency is one of the primary goals of research being conducted between the U.S. Department of Energy, laboratories, and industry partners. Once new technologies or practices are introduced into the broader market and become widely-adopted, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) may seek to set a new baseline standard for energy efficiency, and may work with state and local governments to update building energy codes.

Appliance and Equipment Standards

New and innovative technologies developed by researchers and partners help improve building energy efficiency, and if these technologies become widely-adopted they may be incorporated into new appliance and equipment standards. BTO sets standards for more than 50 different products, and works with stakeholders in updating these standards as energy efficient technologies become more cost effective. Consumers and businesses save $15 billion per year from improved energy efficiency standards, with this amount expected to nearly double by 2025.

For detailed information regarding BTO's Appliance and Equipment Standards work, go to the Appliance Standards section of this website.

Building Energy Codes

Energy codes identify products and techniques that builders and home professionals can use to reduce a building's energy use and improve efficiency. Building energy codes are mandated by state and local governments, and are developed through partnerships with the DOE and industry and trade organizations. For detailed information regarding advanced building energy codes, go to the Energy Codes website.