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Partner With DOE and Residential Buildings

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) partners with a variety of organizations to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings. Home builders, governments, researchers, and universities have several opportunities to work with the Building Technologies Office and other DOE projects.

Home Builders

Home builders who want to be recognized for building high performance homes can find out what it takes to participate in DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home and sign up today. DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes are verified by a qualified third-party and are at least 40%-50% more energy efficient than a typical new home.

State or Local Governments, Utilities, and Other Organizations

DOE is seeking organizations and utilities that will partner to implement the Home Energy Score. Partners agree to implement the Home Energy Score—a national rating of a home's energy performance, similar to a vehicle's mile-per-gallon rating—as part of their residential energy efficiency programs.

Partners are also needed to sponsor Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® programs. Organizations agree to implement a program that offers a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort at home, while helping to protect the environment. An increasing number of utilities, state energy offices, and other agencies are using Home Performance with ENERGY STAR as an important part of their residential energy efficiency portfolio.

The Better Buildings Residential Network connects energy efficiency programs and partners to share best practices and learn from one another to increase the number of homes that are energy efficient. The Better Buildings Residential Network formed out of the Better Buildings Neighborhood Program, a Recovery Act initiative, and includes many of the same partners. Learn about the Program’s accomplishments and independent evaluation results.

Colleges and Universities

Education is critical in helping train the next generation of professionals. Graduates will go on to design and build high-performance homes that are energy efficient, healthy, and durable. Colleges and universities can partner with DOE by adopting building science curricula or competing in DOE’s Race to Zero Student Design Competition.


DOE's Building America research program develops market-ready energy solutions that improve efficiency of new and existing homes in the U.S. while increasing comfort, safety, and durability. Find out more about the Building America research approach and how you can partner with Building America to bridge the gap to a more energy efficient future.

Financial Opportunities

DOE provides financial assistance to businesses, industry, universities, and other organizations looking to help develop and grow energy-efficient technologies.