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Building America Webinar: Who's Successfully Doing Deep Energy Retrofits?

June 25, 2014 7:00PM to 8:30PM EDT

The webinar will focus on specific Building America projects and case studies that highlight real-world examples of deep energy retrofits that are meeting with technical and market success. Presenters will focus on technical strategies, modeled and actual performance results, and project costs.

Presenters include:

• Danny Parker, Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction, presenting a project of sixty all-electric, single family homes that are receiving phased energy-saving retrofits in Florida. Danny will focus on comparing the results of energy savings with shallow versus deep retrofit in a subset of homes, and discuss the complex challenges for efficiency programs..
• Alea German, Alliance for Residential Building Innovation, presenting “Deep Energy Retrofit Case Studies: Lessons Learned.” This presentation will describe results from three case studies of deep retrofits in both marine and hot-dry climates with moderate space conditioning loads. Alea will discuss project costs, realized savings and lessons learned. This work presented is specific to single family retrofits though certain measures may also be applicable to multi-family projects.
• Dr. Iain Walker, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, presenting “A National Summary of Deep Energy Retrofits.” This presentation will focus on the current state of Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) performance in the U.S. as having been assessed in 116 homes in the US, using data gathered from the available domestic literature.

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