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Technical Meeting: Buildings-to-Grid Integration

As a first step to better understanding a range of perspectives on buildings-to-grid integration opportunities, the Building Technologies Office held a technical meeting on December 12-13, 2012. The meeting was hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory at the Energy Systems Integration Facility, and participants included stakeholders from the private sector, utilities, universities, federal sector, and the Department of Energy's national laboratories.

Prior to the meeting, DOE distributed a technical booklet containing several short white papers to help guide the discussion. These white papers included:

A draft of the DOE's and BTO's vision of the National Value of Buildings to Grid Integration using Transaction Based Controls (found on page 6 of the technical booklet);

  • Short white papers that aimed to explore some of the opportunities and questions the meeting would address from the perspectives of the grid; buildings end-use; and communications and information technology (IT) (pages 24-28).
  • Key issues identified during the three working session discussions—on grid, buildings, and communications and IT opportunities and challenges—can be found in an appendix of the technical booklet (page 39).

To enhance the collective understanding of promising work in the buildings-to-grid area, six industry and academic participants gave presentations on ongoing projects. These projects included:

  • Bonneville Power Administration: Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project
  • George Institute of Technology: GENI Project
  • IBM: EcoGrid Denmark Project
  • University of California at Berkeley: Simple Measurement and Actuation Profile (sMAP)—Integrating and Managing Physical Data
  • SmarteBuildings: Next Generation Energy Measurement and Verification Service
  • Electric Power Research Institute: Open Automated Demand Response Demonstration Project
Download the technical booklet