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ENERGY STAR for Homes - Building America Top Innovation

Photo of a house with a "SOLD" sign in front yard. This Top Innovation highlights Building America’s support of ENERGY STAR for Homes, which is leading the U.S. housing industry to high performance homes and driving the development of a national Home Energy Rating System (HERS) infrastructure.

ENERGY STAR for Homes has profoundly impacted the nation’s housing. In 2011 alone, 30% of all homes constructed earned the ENERGY STAR label. Cumulatively, more than 1.3 million ENERGY STAR certified homes have delivered $23 billion in energy cost savings and avoided 210 million tons of green-house emissions. Strong technical underpinnings from Building America have been critical to this success. Read about this Top Innovation.

See another example of a builder constructing to ENERGY STAR for Homes. Find case studies of Building America projects across the country that support ENERGY STAR for Homes.

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