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Current Rulemakings and Notices

The Department of Energy has compiled a summary tables that link to each current rulemaking and its associated product page. Each rulemaking page:

  • Provides an update on the most recent activity related to that rulemaking 
  • Describes the rulemaking's purpose
  • Lists rulemaking milestones and provides links to key documents and the docket
  • Links to any related rulemakings
  • Describes how to participate in any public meeting (or webinar)
  • Describes how to submit public comments to the docket
  • Provides the statutory authority for the rulemaking

Links to current implementation, compliance, and enforcement (ICE) rulemakings and other cross-cutting rulemakings are provided underneath the tables.

ICE & Other Rulemakings

Implementation, Certification, and Enforcement Rulemakings:

Other Cross-cutting Rulemakings or Notices: