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Commercial Building Partnership Opportunities with the Department of Energy

Working with industry representatives and partners is critical to achieving significant improvements in the energy efficiency of new and existing commercial buildings. Here you will learn more about the government-industry partnerships that move us toward that goal. Key alliances and partnerships include:


Better Buildings Challenge

Photo of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a municipal Better Buildings Challenge partner, at dusk.This national leadership initiative calls on corporate officers, university presidents, and local leaders to progess towards the goal of making American buildings 20 percent more energy-efficient by 2020.

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Better Buildings Alliance

Photo of Jim McClendon of Walmart speaking during the CBEA Executive Exchange with Commercial Building Stakeholders forum at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, on May 24, 2012.These informal associations of commercial building owners and operators work to develop resources and best practices to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in their industry.

Credit: Dennis Schroeder, NREL PIX 20908



SEE Action

Graphic of logo of the State and Local Energy Efficiency (SEE) Action Network, which includes a green map of the United States with all the states outlined placed over a large arrow.The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network is an effort that helps states, utilities, and other local stakeholders implement best practice energy efficiency policies and programs.

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Commercial Building Partnerships

Photo of NREL Senior Engineer Michael Deru measuring light levels in the produce department of a Whole Foods Market as Kyle Maier, Whole Foods Produce Team Leader, looks on.Companies involved in this project work with the DOE on a specific retrofit or new construction building projects in order to achieve whole-building energy savings. DOE is no longer accepting new applications for this project.

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DOE Funding Opportunities

Photo of a block in lower downtown Denver that is part of Living City Block, a DOE Commercial Building Partnerships participant.DOE works with business, industry, universities, and others to increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. One way that DOE encourages the growth of these technologies is by offering financial assistance opportunities for their development and demonstration.

Credit: Dennis Schroeder, NREL



Opportunities for Suppliers

Photo of a rooftop air conditioning unit on an office building.Suppliers can keep up-to date with the Better Buildings Alliance by attending events, reviewing specifications, and working with Alliance members on technology demonstrations. Additionally, suppliers can become allies in the Better Buildings Challenge.

In addition, the Commercial Building Consortium is a partnership of commercial building professionals and industry stakeholders that supports the DOE in achieving the commercial building goals.

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