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Algal Integrated Biorefineries

The Algae Program works closely with the Demonstration and Deployment Program on projects that can validate advancements toward commercialization at increasing scales. Integrated biorefineries apply R&D to scale-up facilities to a degree relevant to commercial applications. U.S. Department of Energy funding of this work helps to advance the industry by minimizing the risk of these technologies for investors. View a map of the BETO demonstration projects on the Integrated Biorefineries page and learn more about the Office strategy for developing this portfolio of projects on the Biorefinery Development page.

Algae integrated biorefineries are unique from the rest of the demonstration projects in that they must incorporate the cultivation of their feedstock in addition to refining biomass into biofuels. See the list of current algae integrated biorefinery partners below, and click on each to learn more about how these companies are advancing the algal biofuels industry through their unique production and logistics strategies.

The Algae Program's development and deployment partners are as follows: