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Better Buildings Residential


The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Better Buildings Residential programs work with residential energy efficiency programs and their partners to improve homeowners' lives, the economy, and the environment by increasing the number of high-performing, energy-efficient existing homes in the United States. Organizations that engage with Better Buildings Residential are able to share best practices, access valuable resources, and expand the success of their residential energy efficiency programs. For more information, read the fact sheet.

Residential Network

Photo of two men working on a house, with the words, 'Connect with peers and professionals.'
Share best practices and learn from other energy efficiency programs.

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Solution Center

Understand and Explore Successful Approaches
Explore resources, lessons, and knowledge collected from energy efficiency programs.

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Home Energy Score

Take Steps to Enhance Your Market
Help homeowners easily understand their home’s energy efficiency and how to improve it.

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Home Performance With Energy Star

Support A Comprehensive Upgrade Program
Create a whole-house energy upgrade program that leverages a national brand.

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