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Superior Energy Performance Demonstrations

Facilities participating in Superior Energy Performance (SEP) demonstrations receive tailored assistance to apply the ISO 50001 energy management standard and to test the requirements of SEP certification. Staff at demonstration sites develop a set of skills to more effectively manage and maximize value from energy resources consumed by their facilities and apply a recognized methodology for measuring and verifying energy performance improvements.

Training, Resources, and Support for Facilities

The Advanced Manufacturing Office's (AMO) state and regional energy efficiency partners are coordinating the SEP demonstrations. Demonstration support teams are working with the facilities to implement energy management systems that conform to ISO 50001 and to measure and verify the resulting energy performance improvement. Facilities, which were selected based on desired characteristics, receive training and resources to prepare for SEP certification:

  • In-class training of facility staff: DOE hosts three training sessions that focus on energy management concepts and implementation strategies. The 2.5-day training sessions occur regionally during the first 12–15 months of the project.

  • Training materials: DOE supplies training materials to state and regional partners for distribution to facilities. ISO 50001 is copyrighted and cannot be distributed by DOE. It may be purchased on the ANSI website.

  • Monthly coaching: State and regional teams select energy consultants to support the facility staff in implementing ISO 50001. The consultants also provide guidance to help facilities prepare for an SEP conformity audit, which facilities can pursue after the demonstration project.


DOE and the state and regional teams pay for the training and coaching to implement ISO 50001. Participating companies are asked to cover their own travel, food, and lodging for training workshops and audit costs for certification.

Estimated industrial plant costs and resources (per facility)
Activity DOE/Region/State Funded Facility Funded
Three ISO 50001 trainings and materials X  
ISO 50001 implementation coaching X  
DOE energy assessments and tools X  
ISO 50001   $120
Travel, lodging, and food for trainings (2 ½ day each)   X
Audit costs for certification   $6,000-$25,000*
Plant personnel time to implement the energy management system   Depending on site size and complexity 0.5 to 1 full time equivalent (multiple people) over the 2 year period of implementation

* Certification audit costs will vary depending on the site size and complexity and whether cost-sharing is available through state or utility industrial customer assistance programs.

Time Period

The duration of demonstration projects varies by facility. To meet the SEP performance requirements by the end of the demonstration project, facilities need a minimum of 48 months of their energy consumption data to demonstrate the required 5% improvement in energy performance.