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Key Activities

Key Activities

Bringing Innovative Manufacturing Technologies and Materials to Full "To Scale" Industrial Use

Innovation is inherent in all of AMO's investment activities helping small, medium, and large manufacturers develop cutting-edge clean energy products and technology that reduce energy consumption in every stage or place it is used in industry.

Built upon a foundation of strong public-private partnerships, our support of advanced manufacturing process and materials R&D Projects and shared technical Facilities helps transition scientific innovations into new manufacturing capabilities for the security and well-being of our country and the world. By making direct investments in advanced manufacturing enterprise creation, manufacturing's deep supply chains enable innovation spillovers across more firms and industries than investments in other economic sectors. These spillover benefits extend the reach of the government's assistance far past our initial investments and become reinvestments in the great ideas and promising capabilities that will drive the next generation of manufactured goods for the U.S. economy.

Engaging Federal Agencies in Support of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

Advanced manufacturing includes a steady pipeline of emerging technologies and rigorous processes that can be applied across a spectrum of globally competitive U.S. manufacturers and suppliers. For advanced manufacturing to have a greater positive impact on the U.S. economy, it will need the active participation of communities, educators, workers, and business, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as Federal, State, and local governments. Organized around three foundational pillars—enabling innovation, securing the talent pipeline, and improving the business climate—the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership links benefits across agency boundaries and integrates existing public and private resources into a robust national innovation ecosystem.

Encouraging an Innovative Culture and Continuous Improvement in Corporate Energy Management

The most energy-efficient technologies cannot save energy until they are put into use. We make it easier for American companies to manage energy wisely and make energy management part of doing business everyday. With Technical Assistance and unbiased information, manufacturers can invest in cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities and adopt energy management best practices, including combined heat and power technology. As a result, manufacturers across vast industrial supply chain networks can improve their productivity and reduce the energy costs in their existing facilities.

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