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MotorMaster+ International

April 10, 2014 - 3:26pm


MotorMaster+ International

The MotorMaster+International free online software tool includes many of the capabilities and features of MotorMaster+. However, users can evaluate repair/replacement options on a broader range of motors, including 60 hertz (Hz) motors tested under the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE) standard, and 50 Hz motors manufactured and tested in accordance with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. This tool allows users to:

  • Conduct analyses in different currencies
  • Calculate efficiency benefits for utility rate schedules with demand charges based upon monthly kilowatt (kW) or kilo volt amps (kVA) readings
  • Edit and modify motor rewind efficiency loss defaults
  • Determine best available or most cost-effective replacement motors
  • Compute annual greenhouse gas emission reductions as a result of selecting a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Premium┬« efficiency motor.

Intended Users

MotorMaster+ International is designed for industrial energy coordinators, facility managers and engineers, plant electricians and maintenance staff, procurement personnel, and utility auditors who are interested in improving the energy efficiency of motor systems at industrial facilities.

System Requirements

MotorMaster+ International will operate on the following PC's:

  • 32-bit or 64-bit computer running Windows 95 to Windows 7 (version 1.1.4 has better compatibility with Windows 7)


To obtain a list of available general purpose induction motors, the user enters the following information in the Motor Selector module:

  • Desired motor power output (horsepower (hp) or kW)
  • Synchronous speed
  • Enclosure type
  • Operating voltage.

This list is ranked in descending order of full load efficiency. Alternatively, the user can choose to view available special or definite purpose motors.

To quickly determine the annual energy and dollar savings of a NEMA Premium efficiency or EFF1 motor over a lower efficiency motor model, the user enters the following information in the Motor Savings Analysis module:

  • Utility rates
  • Motor ratings
  • Motor load
  • Annual operating hours.

The software tool is designed to examine the "New" motor purchase, "Repair versus Replace", and "Replace Existing" operable motor scenarios.


Based on input, MotorMaster+International will provide the following:

  • Expanded list of NEMA 60 Hz motors, including NEMA Premium efficiency medium voltage (>600 volt) motors
  • Current U.S. motor efficiency standards
  • Databases of 50 Hz and 60 Hz IEC or "metric" motors
  • Cost-effectiveness analyses for new motor purchase, replace operable motors, and repair versus replace failed motor scenarios
  • Technical data to help optimize drive systems, such as motor part-load efficiency and power factor, full-load speed, locked-rotor, breakdown, and full-load torque; and full-load, unloaded, and locked-rotor currents
  • Motor purchasing information, including list prices, warranty periods, catalog and model numbers, and motor weights,
  • Energy and dollar savings, simple payback, cash flows, and after-tax rate of return on investment from using a particular NEMA Premium or EFF1 motor in a new purchase or retrofit application.

Release Notes

MotorMaster International Version 1.1.4 contains updated (2010) motor price and performance information, listings of IEC 50 Hz and 60 Hz motors, and better compatibility with Windows 7. The "NEMA60Hz_2010.mdb" motors database contains information for over 16,000 NEMA Design A through D Premium Efficiency, Energy Efficient, and Standard Efficiency motors. The "IEC_60Hz_2010.mdb" database contains price and performance information for IEC metric motors with efficiency values taken in accordance with the IEEE test protocol. These IEC motors are rated for operation at the North American frequency of 60 Hz with a 460 volt power supply. The "IEC2005_50Hz.mdb" and "IEC2005_60Hz.mdb" databases contain performance information for IEC motors produced by European motor manufacturers. Efficiency data in these databases is taken with respect to the IEC 60034-2 testing standard.

Additional Information