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Training, Certification, and Mentoring

The Project Management Coordination Office (PMCO) is working to support programs in ensuring that team members have the necessary training and certifications to enable meaningful stewardship of their projects and programs. Greater awareness of the process and understanding of the full assistance/acquisition project lifecycle will help each program meet its objectives.

Project Managers help ensure awards and acquisitions are put in place in a timely manner, are aligned with the technology's road-map and receive adequate, effective oversight and management. In order to improve program and project management, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) will ensure all projects are managed by appropriately trained and certified project management practitioners.


  • Partners with OMB to professionalize grants management
  • Provides PMP Boot Camp opportunities for EERE employees
  • Pilots the DOE Financial Assistance Program and Project Management Certification program
  • Assesses and fulfills the technology offices' mentoring and training needs
  • Serves as the EERE HQ site acquisition career manager (SACM)


Ensure staff have the resources and skills they need to successfully manage projects.