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Project Management Coordination Office Contacts

A complete list of Project Management Coordination Office points of contact can be found below. The best way to contact PMCO is by sending an email to

PMCO is a small but nimble group that interacts with a variety of internal and external organizations. Their work includes analyzing current program efforts and the performance of PMCO's management support.

  • Project Performance and Evaluation
  • Methodology and Competency Management
  • Audit Resolution

Organization Chart

See the Program Management Coordination Office organization chart.

Name Phone Email
Aguilar, Phaedra (on Detail) 202-287-5924  
Baker, Jeff
Deputy Director
Desk: 720-356-1434
BB: 720-209-7598  
Barnes, Shakia (on Detail) 202-586-8480  
Bumbaca, Priscilla 202-586-8365  
Crooks, Angela 202-586-2883  
Doe, Tweedie 202-586-1683  
Gomes, Luke 720-356-1624  
Hine, Scott
Desk: 202-586-9744
BB: 202-341-2394  
Hinnen, Britt 720-356-1648  
Holman, Jennifer 720-356-1611  
Lucas, Joe 720-356-1683  
Peralta, Kara 202-586-8925
Rasulova, Yana 720-356-1761  
Rewey, Christie 720-356-1646  
Sher, Jono 720-356-1623  
Shipp, Patrick (on Detail) 202-586-7769  
Wormley, Dorothy (on Detail) 202-586-3419  
Wozniak, Genevieve 720-356-1817