The Audit Resolution team (AR Team) manages the audit coordination and resolution activities for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). They coordinate Recovery Act audits, non-Recovery Act audits, Single Audits and the execution of audit resolution and follow-up activities. The AR Team reviews, and evaluates program operations, activities, and internal controls to ensure effective controls and compliance with policies and best practice. The AR Team collects and validates corrective action data and artifacts to support closure of audit recommendations.


  • Resolves and coordinates all audits
  • Updates all audit statuses on relevant enterprise tracking systems
  • Follows up and coordinates with program offices and field elements on status of corrective actions
  • Reports audit metrics to EERE stakeholders and leadership to ensure they have the latest status and performance
  • Reviews audit findings, recommendations, and corrective action plans to ensure propriety
  • Drafts management decision letters and management responses within 60 calendar days of being notified by CFO
  • Coordinates, informs, and educates EERE staff on the teams' roles, responsibilities, and activities as well as informs stakeholders of ongoing audit activities
  • Collects and disseminates information on audit findings and trends through webinars, televideo, conference calls, and trainings
  • Develops tips, templates, and procedures to guide the management and execution of the audit follow-up process


Ensure EERE responsiveness to audit requirements and communicate findings to stakeholders to improve project management performance.