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Earth Day

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Are you looking for ways to go green while saving yourself some green? Or are you interested in learning how to incorporate renewable energy options -- like solar, wind and geothermal -- into your home? This Earth Day, hang out with Energy Department experts to learn how you can reduce your energy use, improve your home's comfort and cut your energy bills. We hope you'll join us on April 22 at 3 pm ET for a Google+ Hangout on home energy efficiency tips and advice, and learn how you can submit your questions now. During the Hangout, we'll be sharing some of our Twitter followers' favorite energy-savings tips -- share yours now using #tipsEnergy.

Panelists include:

  • Josh Olsen works in the Energy Department's Weatherization Assistance Program. With a background in residential energy efficiency, building science, energy auditing and construction, Josh can answer questions on ways to save energy and money at home.
  • Chris Nichols works in the Solar Program at the U.S. Energy Department. He leads the program’s efforts to simplify the solar installation process at the state and local level -- working to make it faster, easier and cheaper for Americans to go solar. During our Earth Day Hangout Joshua can share some of the innovate ways we’re working right now to streamline solar and give examples of local governments who are leading the way in this effort.
  • Justin Barnes is a senior policy analyst at the North Carolina Solar Center, which manages the Energy Department's energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives database. Justin's speciality is residential solar tax incentives but can also answer questions on tax incentives for small wind and residential geothermal.
  • Brittney Gordon is a member of the ENERGY STAR Labeling Branch communications team, helping energy efficiency program sponsors use the ENERGY STAR label and develop energy efficiency educational messaging for broad audiences. Brittney can answer questions on ways to save energy in the home with ENERGY STAR certified products.
  • Deborah Wetzel, who owns a condo in Riverhead, NY, worked with her local utility to get a home energy audit and make energy efficiency upgrades that are saving her almost 15 percent on her energy bills. She can talk about her experience with the home energy audit and the benefits of making energy efficiency upgrades.

To get everyone in the energy-saving spirit, the week before Earth Day we'll be sharing stories about how real homeowners have cut their energy bills, and tips and advice on how you can do the same.