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Request for Investigation or Inspection of Safety or Classified Information Security Violations

The links on this web page provide a form for any DOE contractor employee or employee representative to submit a request to the Department of Energy’s Office of Enforcement and Oversight, within the Office of Health, Safety, and Security, to initiate an enforcement investigation or inspection into a potential violation of DOE regulatory requirements. The Office of Enforcement and Oversight’s enforcement jurisdiction is limited to noncompliances with specific DOE regulations, including 10 C.F.R. Parts 820, 824, 830, 835, 850, and 851. Issues or concerns that do not involve regulatory compliance issues should be reported to your employer or the DOE Employee Concerns Program.

You may submit a request either electronically or in hard copy using the links below, and you may submit your request anonymously or in confidence. The more information that you provide, the better it will enable the Office of Enforcement and Oversight to evaluate your request. Information in your request will be provided to the appropriate DOE Headquarters and field office organizations as their cooperation will be needed to evaluate the request. While all requests will be evaluated, not every request will result in an investigation or inspection. The Office of Enforcement and Oversight has the sole authority to decide, after a preliminary evaluation of available information, whether further action is necessary or warranted. If further inspection or investigation is not warranted, the Office of Enforcement and Oversight may provide the information in your request to the applicable DOE Headquarters or DOE field element Employee Concerns Program, or the DOE Office of the Inspector General, for follow-up.

Do not use the form to report an emergency. To report an emergency, fatality, or imminent life-threatening situation, contact your supervisor and local DOE officials using locally established procedures.

Complete and Submit Form Online:

After a Request for Investigation form is submitted electronically, the Confirmation page will assign a Unique Identifier Number to the request. Please maintain this Unique Identifier Number and refer to it during any contact with the Office of Enforcement and Oversight about your request.

Complete Hard Copy Form and Mail or Print Blank Form:

This option provides the ability to open the Request for Investigation form, complete the form, and then mail or fax it to the Office of Enforcement and Oversight. Mailing/faxing information is listed on the form for your convenience.