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Office of Security Enforcement


The Office of Security Enforcement implements the Department's classified information security enforcement program in accordance with 10 CFR 824 as authorized by the Atomic Energy Act. 


• Implements a security enforcement program that includes processes and incentives for contractors to promptly identify, report, and correct security incidents and noncompliances involving or pertaining to the protection of classified information.
• Investigates potential violations of enforceable requirements pertaining to classified information security.
• Evaluates the effectiveness of contractor programs in meeting DOE classified information security requirements and analyzes contractor noncompliance and performance information to determine whether conditions warrant enforcement discretion by DOE. 
• Resolves, through enforcement actions and other enforcement mechanisms (e.g., Settlement Agreements), significant contractor violations of DOE security requirements that do not warrant enforcement discretion.
• Makes recommendations to the NNSA Administrator for resolving significant NNSA contractor violations of DOE classified information security requirements through enforcement mechanisms.
• Works closely with DOE field and program elements and the Office of the Associate Under Secretary for Environment, Health, Safety and Security to implement the DOE security enforcement program.
• Coordinates with the DOE Office of General Counsel to ensure the legal sufficiency of enforcement case outcome documents.
• Conducts and participates in various activities that facilitate improved contractor performance and compliance assurance, including conducting Regulatory Assistance Reviews and 10 CFR 824 training, and regularly communicating with the Energy Facility Contractors Group (EFCOG) Safeguards and Security Working Group and Enforcement Coordination Working Group.