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Office of Resources, Communications and Congressional Affairs


The Office of Resources, Communications and Congressional Affairs supports the infrastructure of the Office of Enterprise Assessments (EA) by overseeing the coordination of Congressional hearing activities and information within EA to include hearing schedules, witness preparation, strategies appropriate to the nature of the hearing, and determinations of Congressional concerns and interests in pending legislation or oversight activities. This office also provides balanced, unbiased, technically competent, and customer focused services in the areas of:  (1) Financial Management, including budget formulation and execution; (2) Procurement Management, including contract and credit card programs; (3) Information Management, including technology-based solutions and programs; (4) Human Resources, including recruitment and retention programs; (5) Administrative Services, including property management, travel, and work space management; and; (6) Strategic and Program Planning including performance and efficiency measures.  


  • Performs required duties and acts as liaison between EA and other DOE and U.S. Government organizations as the EA official point of contact for various financial, procurement, human resources, and administrative programs.
  • Provides direction and oversight for the efficient and effective management of all resource management activities, i.e., financial, budget, procurement, quality assurance, human resources, and administration.
  • Ensures EA resource management related operations conform to Government-wide and Departmental requirements and goals.
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of the EA budget formulation and execution processes by providing a comprehensive, performance-based budget consistent with government and Departmental planning processes and requirements; coordinating with EA Office Directors regarding budget issues;.
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of the EA procurement activities by reviewing for approval all expenditures, work authorizations, and award fee determinations; and performing Contracting Officer Representative (COR) duties for selected contracts.
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of EA human resource programs including development of organization and staffing plans, manpower controls, management analyses in support of the EA operations, and implementation of Departmental policies for personnel-related activities such as performance management,  affirmative action, executive succession, employee development, and training.
  • Provides a focal point for management and coordination of EA administrative services (e.g., property management, moves and alterations, etc.). 
  • Approves EA internal policies and procedures related to administrative, budget/financial, personnel, procurement, programs.
  • Assists the Director and EA senior management with strategic planning, operational prioritization, and performance and efficiency measure activities; and assists and advises EA management regarding the integration and synchronization EA strategies with Government-wide and Departmental programs and associated systems.
  • Coordinates training activities for EA employees.
  • Manages and establishes EA human resource and administration policies and procedures.
  • Develops EA program documentation and assists EA program offices with the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) reporting requirements and Quality Assurance implementation programs.
  • Serves as the EA liaison and focal point for a wide range of Department, government, and public programs such as: 1) Inherently Governmental and Commercial Activities Inventory; 5) records, forms, and information collection management; 6) conference management activities; and EA training activities.
  • Provides a focal point responsible for all activities and initiatives for the communication of all EA activities regarding Congressional Liaison and Public Affairs to interested parties outside the Department; workflow for the EA Communications Centers and Germantown and Forrestal mail operations and document control centers to ensure appropriate handling, storage, and processing of classified information ; and the management of Inspector General (IG) and General Accountability Office (GAO) audit and FOIA Officer responsibilities for EA.
  • Attends Congressional hearings on pertinent DOE and EA subjects addressed and advises the Director for EA.  Determines and conveys to responsible EA senior managers action item(s) requiring immediate attention and/or response.  Evaluates response to ensure consistency with DOE and EA policy, DOE senior management philosophy, and current national and international political climate and influences.
  • Identifies, develops, and initiates strategic and planning programs related to EA internal and external affairs.  Formulates framework for analyses in support of overall EA planning efforts. 
  • Evaluates and interprets results of a wide variety of EA studies for utilization in EA internal and external affairs and advises Director on courses of action in relation to impact on EA internal and external relations. 
  • Oversees the performance of a variety of analyses and research projects, usually of a very complex and sensitive nature and of high interest to the Director for EA.  Develops recommendations and identifies courses of action that are acted upon at the highest national levels and reflected in Congressional testimony by the Director for EA or other top-level government officials including the Office of the Secretary.