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Security Evaluations Appraisal Process Guide - April 2008

April 2008

The Safeguards and Security Appraisal Process Guide provides additional planning techniques and a detailed set of tables that describe the necessary steps to successfully conduct each phase of a safeguards and security appraisal activity.

This process guide provides information about the Department of Energy's (DOE) Independent Oversight process implemented by the DOE Office of Security Evaluations in conducting independent oversight appraisals of DOE safeguards and security programs.  The Safeguards and Security Appraisal Process Guide is a companion document to the Office of Independent Oversight Appraisal Process Protocols, which describe the overall philosophy, scope, and general procedures applicable to all Independent Oversight appraisal activities conducted in accordance with in DOE Orders 470.2B, Independent Oversight and Performance Assurance Program.  The two process documents, along with Office of Security Evaluations' topic-specific Inspectors Guides provide a comprehensive set of guidance and tools to enable Independent Oversight inspectors to evaluate safeguards and security program effectiveness across the DOE complex.