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Preliminary Notice of Violation, Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC - EA-2001-04

July 17, 2001

Preliminary Notice of Violation issued to Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC, related to Nuclear Safety, Work Control, and Radiation Protection Deficiencies at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site

This letter refers to the Department of Energy’s (DOE, Department) evaluation of the facts and circumstances concerning a number of events and programmatic failures affecting nuclear safety at the Department’s Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site. The DOE Office of Price-Anderson Enforcement, in coordination with the DOE Rocky Flats Field Office (RFFO), conducted an on-site investigation during April 3-5, 2001. The results of this investigation were provided to you on May 14, 2001; and an enforcement conference was held with you and members of your staff on June 5-6, 2001, to discuss these findings. The conference’s summary report is enclosed.