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Office of Outreach and Analysis


The Office of Outreach  and Analysis provides an open and effective means of communicating and creating collaborative relationships within and outside the organization to include DOE and senior management, other federal agencies, labor unions, stakeholders, field offices, Departmental contractors, and other public and private sector entities. 


  • Establishes outreach collaboration between EA and constituent organizations with the mutual goals and objectives of improving the health, safety, environmental, and security performance at DOE sites.
  • Provides and maintains a direct channel of outreach communications and feedback amongst senior management, customers, and the front line workers.
  • Provides an outreach collaborative forum to discuss current issues and challenges of national interest drawing upon the subject matter expertise of academic, business, industry, public and private organizations with missions aligned with the DOE mission and goals.  
  • Creates a proactive means for communicating health, safety, environmental, and security performance activities, to create an organizational sustainability model for use within EA (and potentially across DOE) to provide a full integrated view of operations and develop a more resilient organization, and create a collaborative forum to discuss and take action on the current issues and challenges to the national interest as these items align with the DOE mission.
  • Provides an organizational sustainability model for EA senior management to allow for a fully integrated view of their operations and to assist in transforming the organization toward a more resilient, proactively poised organization.