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DOE Order 5820.2A, Radioactive Waste Management, was issued by DOE in September
1988. As early as 1990, DOE began analyzing, assessing, and reviewing the process of
implementing the Order. DOE revised the Order on radioactive waste management for
several reasons:
- After thorough technical reviews and analyses, DOE and the Defense Nuclear
Facilities Safety Board concluded that DOE Order 5820.2A did not adequately
address the Department’s radioactive waste management and disposal practices.
-There had been significant advances in radioactive waste management practices
and changes in DOE since the Order was issued in 1988.
- Risk-based and performance-based requirements were determined to be prudent
and necessary components of DOE’s new directives system.
- Opportunities for stakeholder involvement, a key element of DOE decision making,
needed to be provided.
- The technical basis for the DOE’s radioactive waste management requirements and
guidance needed to be documented.