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CRAD, Review of Safety Basis Development - May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013

Review of Safety Basis Development for the Los Alamos National Laboratory Transuranic Waste Facility (HSS CRAD 45-59, Rev. 0)

The review will consider selected aspects of the development of safety basis for the Transuranic Waste Facility (TWF) to assess the extent to which safety is integrated into the design of the TWF in accordance with DOE directives; in particular, DOE Order 420.lB, DOE-STD-1189, and DOE-STD-3009. This review will assess the integration of selected hazard controls (e.g., safety structures, systems, and components (SSCs)) defined in the TWF safety basis into the TWF design, by performing a review of pertinent aspects of the draft PDSA, PSDR, hazards analyses, and design documentation.