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CRAD, Emergency Management Program – February 13, 2014 (HSS CRAD 45-61, Rev. 0)

February 18, 2014

Emergency Management Program  (HSS CRAD 45-61, Rev. 0)

The focus of this CRAD is on evaluating the site’s preparedness for a response to a severe event.  The site’s emergency response organizations performance will be evaluated during the response to a severe event in an exercise.  The site’s exercise program will also be evaluated to determine whether it produces plausible and realistic severe event exercise scenarios, validates all elements of the emergency management program, effectively evaluates an emergency response, is properly conducted, and provides a means to improve the site’s preparedness to respond to operational emergencies.  This CRAD is intended to ensure that planning, preparedness, and performance expectations identified in DOE Order 151.1C, Comprehensive Emergency Management System are met.