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Veterans Mentoring Program

The Office of Learning and Workforce Development coordinates applications for all DOE Federal Employees.

On November 13, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order 13518 that launched a government-wide initiative for the recruitment of veterans.  Department of Energy (DOE) is a member of the Interagency Council for Veteran Employment established by this order and is a proud supporter for the employment of veterans.  

As we move to a leaner more efficient government, increased knowledge and the development of critical skills will be the key to realizing advancement opportunities.  Employees who seek out these opportunities and work with their managers to achieve their goals will be better positioned for advancement.

There are many ways to achieve your career goals and the process may seem complex at times. We hope that by providing you with information and opportunities you can then take the initiative to manage your own career path. One of those opportunities is the DOE Military Veterans Mentoring Program (MVMP).  Mentoring can be an essential part of the path to achieve success. 

The DOE Military Veterans Mentoring Program is an agency-wide program that partners Federal personnel, and Federal Veteran personnel with current and newly hired Veteran Mentees.  Mentoring pairs may decide to continue their partnership and participation indefinitely.

This unique mentoring program includes flash networking sessions, structured mentor – mentee interactions, training and skill development opportunities, information exchange and more.   Virtual partnerships are also supported.

Consider this an investment in yourself.   As a Veteran Mentee, learn from highly competent others who have proven success and experience; or as a Mentor develop your leadership competencies and exchange your acquired knowledge.

Accommodations for persons with disabilities will be provided upon request.