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Training System (CHRIS)

CHRIS Training is the computer system that Federal employees use to request training and view their training histories. Managers use the system to process and approve training requests (through CHRIS Training Workflow) and obtain various reports regarding training activities and associated costs. Training administrators use the system to establish courses and enroll employees.

CHRIS is the Training System of Record for DOE employees. This means the training records in CHRIS are part of the employees' Official Personnel File (OPF).

CHRIS Training is often called "Training Workflow." However, training workflow is actually the part of CHRIS Training that provides electronic routing of training requests. Employees submit training, and supervisors/managers approve it through the workflow portion of CHRIS Training. There are many other components of CHRIS Training, including the reports, course catalog, administrators' tools and functions, and the training evaluation module. Most CHRIS users who are not supervisors or training administrators will not see these other functions within CHRIS.