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Senior Executive Fellows

Overview:  The Senior Executive Fellows program (SEF) is designed for upper-level managers.  The curriculum incorporates the executive core qualifications (ECQs) for SES and focuses on strengthening skills in problem solving, strategic analysis, persuasion and negotiation.  The curriculum in this course encompasses all of the Executive Core Qualifications. This program is designed to help senior executives develop integrated skills of strategy and leadership.  It provides participants with effective tools needed to adopt a strategic leadership role that will enable them to look at issues from new perspectives and generate a wider range of possible solutions. 

Through the case method, participants receive valuable training and practice in making decisions about real situations.  Issues explored include cooperative versus competitive interactions with governmental agencies, political appointees, the media, as well as private sector organizations and individuals.  You will also have the opportunity to improve your leadership skills through problem solving, simulations, role- playing, group exercises, and team building experiences.

Target Audience:  GS-14/15 levels or equivalent.  

Tuition cost:  $19,800 (includes tuition, housing, curricular materials, and most meals).  However, travel is not included.

Application Procedures:  Applicants are advised that their organization may have different requirements and deadline dates to submit applications. Please check with your organization coordinator to determine if there is an internal competitive process before submitting applications to the SEF Program. In addition, please be advised that early submission of your application is encouraged because the program is often filled to capacity quickly.  Nomination packages must be received by the following deadline dates:

Deadline date of December 10 and course starts on Jan 18, 2015,

Deadline date of March 19 and course starts on Apr 12, 2015.

Completed application packages should be emailed to the DOE Career Development
Program Manager, Johnny McChriston.  

Nomination packages must include the following.

  • Application form      
  • Nomination form
  • A resume or curriculum vitae
  • Typed responses to the essay questions
  • SF-182 for payment

You may contact Johnny McChriston to address concerns or questions regarding this career development program opportunity by calling him at 301-903-9862.  

 NOTE:  Interested participants are required to coordinate with their immediate supervisors to obtain full support and funding approval in order to participate in the SEF program prior to making contact with

Mr. McChriston.  Withdrawal requests must be sent in writing to Mr. McChriston, DOE CDP program manager.  Individuals who withdraw less than two weeks prior to the start date of the program are obligated to pay the full amount of the tuition.