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New Leader Program

Program Overview: The New Leader Program (NLP) is a six-month leadership development program designed to develop future public service leaders by providing assessment, experiential learning and individual development opportunities. The program develops future public service leaders by providing a solid training and development foundation of leadership skills and team building, which are enhanced by agency developmental experiences. Participants are required to attend three one-week residential training sessions beginning on Sunday evening and ending each week at noon on Friday. Key training is developed under the Executive Core Qualifications designed by the Office of Personnel Management with an emphasis on the 22 competencies key.

Training focuses on competencies such as Customer Service, Continual Learning, Written Communication, Flexibility, and Team Building. Program special interests focus on self-awareness, diversity and generations, the power of strong communication skills, and understanding their job from an organizational perspective. A 360 Group Report identifies additional training that may be critical to a specific cohort of students.  

Target Audience: The target audience is for GS 7-11 or equivalent. 

Tuition: $3,325.00

Application Procedures: Applicants are advised that their organization may have different requirements and different deadline dates for submitting applications. Please check with your organization coordinator to determine if there is an internal competitive process before submitting an application to the NLP.  Nominations must be received by the following deadline dates:

Deadline for NLP-2015-1 is Feb 16, 2015 and course start date of Mar 16, 2015,

Deadline for NLP-2015-2 is Jul 10, 2015 and course start date of Aug 10, 2015.

Nomination packages must include the New Leader Application, and information about the applicant, the applicant’s immediate supervisor, and the program coordinator at the applicant’s organization. In addition, application packages must include the following.

  • A statement from the applicant indicating the purpose for applying and how participation in the New Leader Program will support the applicant’s career goals.
  • The applicant’s current resume, signed and dated by the applicant.
  • Payment must accompany the application before it will be processed.
  • Organization purchase order; a completed and signed government training authorization form (e.g., SF-182) can be submitted in lieu of a purchase order.

Completed application packages should be emailed to the DOE program manager, Johnny McChriston. Alternately, you may call him for concerns or to address your questions at 301-903-9862.

NOTE: Program may close earlier if program is filled.  A 30-day work experience is required during the six-month program. This assignment provides participants the opportunity to develop skills and competencies in areas outside of their technical expertise. This activity provides an opportunity to network and represent their office in new contexts. In addition, participants complete one three-day assignment "shadowing" a senior federal manager from the GS/GM-13 level to the Senior Executive Service (SES) level.