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National Defense University Center for the Study of WMD Program for Emerging Leaders

Overview:  The Program for Emerging Leaders (PEL) is an initiative of National Defense University’s Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Its goal is to create a community of rising U.S. Government leaders with the awareness and skill-set to respond to the dangers of WMD. PEL brings together select individuals from across government to provide an appreciation of the variety of WMD threats and the full range of means, processes, and organizations for addressing them. Its members are early to mid-career national security professionals. Through periodic membership activities, PEL provides a forum for building an interagency network of next generation leaders with a better understanding of the role of WMD in U.S. national security.

Target Audience: Nominees should be early to mid-career United States Government employees (GS-11-13, O-3 and O-4 or equivalent ranks) with responsibilities related to national security and an interest in learning about WMD-related issues. Nominees are competitively selected to become members based on the strength of their applications and the goal of convening a diverse group that reflects the interagency nature of WMD threats. Membership lasts three years with a new class joining the broad and vibrant network each summer.

Cost:  There are no direct costs to PEL members or their agencies for the program. PEL members will need to attend regular program activities. Due to budget considerations, this year we will not be able to accept candidates from outside the National Capital Region.

Application Procedures: Applications for the program for Emerging Leaders are due no later than February 10, 2015, close of business. The Center will select approximately 25 new members, and because of budgetary constraints, will not accept applicants from outside of the National Capital Region. A completed application will include the following.

• A personal statement of expected benefits of attending course
• A two-page résumé
• A transcript from the highest degree earned
• A letter of nomination
• A statement of support from the candidate’s supervisor