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Mike Mansfield Fellowship

Program overview: The Mansfield Fellowship Program named after Mike Mansfield, former U.S. ambassador to Japan, U.S. Senate majority leader, and U.S. congressional representative from Montana is a first-of-its-kind program for the United States and Japan. The Mansfield Fellowship Program has been restructured for the upcoming year to allow ten Fellows to participate in a one-year program in Japan.  The shorter program duration is expected to increase the number of Fellows who are able to participate and preserves the principles behind the program and the features that make it unique professional career development opportunity for U.S. federal government employees.  During the year in Japan, Fellows will develop an in-depth understanding of Japan’s government and policymaking process and establish relationships with their counterparts in the government of Japan and the business, professional and academic communities.  After completing the program, the Fellows are required to serve at least two additional years in the federal government, where it is anticipated they will continue to work on projects involving Japan issues. The Mansfield Fellowship Program is administered by the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation, with the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, as grantor. 

Target Audience: Eligibility is opened to all DOE federal employees in grades GS-9 and above, and or equivalency. 

Tuition:  Tuition is waved.

Application Procedures:  All applicants are required to have their home agency approval prior to applying to the Mansfield Fellowship Program. Application packages for the program must be received by the close of business November 10, 2014 for the 2015 selection process and orientations to take place. Applications must include the following.

  • Mansfield Fellowship Program Application Form (PDF)
  • Agency Authorization Form (PDF)
  • Personal Reference Form (PDF)
  • Must be a US citizen
  • Applicants must be federal government employees with at least two consecutive years of service by and immediately preceding July 1, 2015.  In addition, each application will include the following.
  • A 300-word personal statement that speaks to the applicant’s motivation for applying, as well as his/her ability and willingness to adapt to working in a Japanese government office.
  • A 500-word placement plan that explains clear goals and objectives; placement preferences for the ten months in Japan; interest and involvement of the applicant’s agency in U.S.-Japan issues; how the applicant anticipates that the agency may use the Fellow’s expertise upon return; and how participation in the Fellowship will contribute to the agency’s mission.
  • Three confidential recommendations (one page each) from individuals who have firsthand knowledge of the applicant’s qualifications and character.  One recommendation must come from a current and immediate supervisor and one must come from an agency official (both letters on agency letterhead) who can comment on the merits of the applicant’s proposal, including how the applicant’s participation will benefit the agency.

NoteDetailed candidates (Agency-funded). Fellows who are detailed receive salary and benefits (including health care coverage) through the sponsoring federal agency during their program duration. However, Japan will provide additional funding to cover dependent care, three children’ tuition, and living expenses according to their cost of living.