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Legis Congressional Fellowship

Program Overview: The formation of public policy is an increasingly critical responsibility for leaders in government, yet few executive have firsthand experience of the complex federal policy- making process. The Legis Congressional Fellowship provides an exceptional public policy learning experience for government managers who seek insight into how congress works and how public policy is made. By working for members of congress in their offices and on congressional committees, Fellows gain practical insights into congressional decision-making while broadening their knowledge about the American political process. Applicants must have a significant interest in legislative policy and be able to work independently.  And must be nominated by their immediate supervisor and or agency training office.

Target Audience: Minimum grade is GS13 or equivalent.


  • 7-month fellowship: $4,525
  • 12-month fellowship: $6,135
  • Travel: The participant’s organization will also be responsible for travel and per diem costs if the selectee is outside of the Washington, D.C. area. 

Application Procedures: Applicants are advised that their organization may have different requirements and deadline dates to submit applications. Please check with your organization coordinator to determine if there is an internal competitive process before submitting applications to the LEGIS Program. Applicant packages for must be received by the following deadline dates. 

  • Half year: January 5–July 31, 2015; is due December 4, 2014
  • Full year: January 5–December 18, 2015; is due December 4, 2014

Application in right rail.

Nomination packages must also include the following information.

  • Detailed resume
  • Supervisor’s recommendation describing your executive potential, need for training and prospects for success as a congressional staff member
  • Your statement describing the nexus of training to career goals and how it will benefit your agency
  • Candidates are required to complete an approved and signed SF-182 with this nomination.

Please email a copy of the completed application package to Johnny McChriston. Alternately, you may contact him at 301-903-9862 to address any questions.

Note:  Orientation is mandatory for all fellows and will be held January 5-14, 2015!