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Legacy Management Specific Training

Registration Information

The following courses are specific to Legacy Management Employees, for more information about the courses below or to register for any of these courses please contact Chequita Johnson.

Mandatory Training
  • ECOMM, Environmental-Related External Communication (E-COMM) Tracking System
  • GPP101, Management of Government Personal Property
  • RM 102, Basic Records Management Training (DOE)
Training at All LM Site Offices
  • EC 100, Environmental Management System General Awareness (DOE)
  • ER 200, Site Emergency Preparedness [All sites except Grand Junction]
  • SC 105, Security Awareness Briefing
Washington, DC
  • HQ Mini Coop Briefing
Fernald, OH
  • FE110, Fernald Preserve Site Awareness Briefing
Morgantown, WV
  • Safety and JSA briefing
  • Computer Safety Course
  • Cyber Security Training
  • MG110, LMBC Site Orientation
Grand Junction, CO*
  • Adobe Connect Tutorial
  • GJ 100, Grand Junction Site Orientation
  • ER200GJ, Grand Junction Site Emergency Preparedness
Westminster, CO*
  • RFS 01, Rocky Flats Orientation

* For both Westminster and Grand Junction offices - Any personnel using GSA vehicles or traveling to sites are required to take National Safety Council (NSC) Defensive Driver course.

Other Employee Site Orientation Training
  • PI110, Pinellas Site Orientation
  • TC110E, Tuba City Site Orientation for Escorted Visitors & Escorted Subcontractors
  • TC110U, Tuba City Site Orientation - Construction Operations & Unescorted Visitors
  • WS110, Weldon Spring Site Awareness Briefing for Workers
Optional LM Specific Training
  • EC109, Land Stewardship
  • EC110, Environmental. Aspect Identification & Target/Objective Development Awareness
  • EC300, Environmental Management System Annual Management Review Awareness Training • ECWEBXXX – Various environmental webinars that are tracked for the DOE-LM
  • IT102, Sensitive Information Training
  • HS161, Defensive Driver Training (NSC)
  • HS203, 8-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Refresher
  • HS500, Annual Health and Safety Refresher Training
  • MD300, First Aid/CPR/AED AHA Heart saver
  • TCSB, Tuba City Safety Briefing
  • OJTGJBW, Grand Junction Building Warden Duties Briefing