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Filmed Leadership Development Series Events

Filmed Leadership Development Series Events

For DOE Employees Only

Have you missed out on a Leadership Development Series Event? Heard about an Event which happened in the past? Or Just wish to review an event you attended to recapture some of the details of a speaker’s presentation. The above link is the solution: By accessing the Online Learning Center (under additional information) you can take the Past Leadership Development Series Events as online training.  Each event was recorded & transcribed for continual learning.  To find the events, once logged into the OLC, search for “Leadership Series“to find the entire list. Or search on a specific title to find just the desired event.  As they are ready current events are added to the OLC.  Check back for additional titles. Visit the Leadership Development Series page (under LDRC menu)  page for upcoming events or explore further on the Leadership Development Resource Center (LDRC) (under LDRC menu) for additional leadership development resources.

The following is a partial list of the recorded events:

SES – Getting to SES Is There a Best Way?
Nov 2012

SES – High Impact Leadership Development
July 2012

SES – Keys to Remarkable Leadership
Feb 2013

SES – Leveraging Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Feb 2012

SES – Managing Poor Performance
Aug 2012

SES – Ten Top Reasons that People Do Not Get Selected for SES Positions
Jan 2012

SES – The Architecture of Leadership: Preparation Equals Performance
Oct 2012

SES – The Interest of China to the U.S.
Mar 2012

SES – The New Science of Decision Making
Jan 2013

SES – The Story Workshop
June 2012

SES – Thinking Differently to Achieve
May 2012

SES – Understanding Generational Differences
April 2012

SES – What is Keeping you from Pursuing Your Passion?
Sept 2012

Past Presentations

  • May 22 - 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Leadership Development Series Event: “How the Government is Innovating (And You Can Too)” With Gadi Ben-Yehuda, Director of Innovation and Social Media for the Center for The Business of Government at IBM.  DOE Large Auditorium, Video cast & Teleconference