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Executive Potential Program

Program Overview:  This is a one year training program designed to help senior leaders understand and meet the challenges facing today’s federal workforce. Through personal and professional development, The Executive Potential Program builds leadership capacity through strengthening the competencies needed to help today’s leaders create a work environment prepared to meet changing agency initiatives.

Nomination Due Date:  Nomination Due Date: The nomination package must be received by the nomination deadlines which are as follows, EPP-1 is 3/19/2015 and EPP 2 is 5/8/2015. Please be advised that for the 2015-DC session only, there is a limit of 30 participants on a first come basis. Applicants are advised that their organizations may have different requirements and different deadline dates for submitting applications. Please check with agency coordinators to determine if there is an internal competitive process before submitting an application to the EPP.