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Executive Potential Program

Program Overview:  The Graduate School USA offers a one-year training program designed to help senior leaders understand and meet the challenges facing today’s federal workforce. Through personal and professional development, The Executive Potential Program builds leadership capacity through strengthening the competencies needed to help today’s leaders create a work environment prepared to meet agency initiatives. Individuals should be nominated based on both their leadership potential and their motivation to fully participate in and complete all program requirements.

This is a one-year program, which includes four one-week residential sessions (attendance required).  To complete the Executive Potential Program, participants will be absent from their positions of record for a minimum of five months (four one-week training sessions and two eight-week required developmental assignments). Please carefully consider these time requirements before submitting a nomination package.

Target Audience: The target audience is for GS-13-15.

Tuition:   $6,675.00

Application Procedures:  Applicants are advised that their organization may have different requirements and deadline dates to submit applications. Please check with your organization coordinator to determine if there is an internal competitive process before submitting applications to the EPP Program. Nomination packages must be received by the following deadline dates:

Deadline date for EPP 2016-1 is Mar 9, 2015 and course starts Apr 19, 2015,
Deadline date for EPP 2016-2 is May 8, 2015, and course starts Jun 22, 2015.

Nomination packages must include Executive Potential Program Application, and information about the applicant, the applicant’s immediate supervisor, and the program coordinator at the applicant’s organization.

Application packages must include the following.

  • A statement from the applicant indicating the purpose for applying and how participation in the Executive Potential Program will support the applicant’s career goals.
  • The applicant’s current resume, signed and dated by the applicant.
  • Payment must accompany the application before it will be processed.
    * Organization purchase order; a completed and signed government training authorization form (e.g., SF-182) can be submitted in lieu of a purchase order.

Completed application packages should be emailed to the DOE program manager, Johnny McChriston.  Alternately, you may call him for concerns or to address your questions at 301-903-9862.

NOTE: Each Executive Potential Program participant is required to complete two eight-week developmental assignments. One of the strongest ways to develop new ideas and thinking is through a developmental assignment. Participants complete a three-day assignment "shadowing" a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES). By observing executives in action, participants gain exposure to managerial duties, responsibilities and various leadership styles.