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Managing Up, Down and Across to Get Results

June 10, 2014 12:30PM EDT to June 11, 2014 8:00PM EDT

Tuition Cost: $400

Course Type: Classroom

Course Location: DOE Headquarters, Germantown Building, Germantown, MD - Room – E 401

Course Description: This 2 day workshop Managing Up, Down, and Across to get Results is to provide basic knowledge and skills to help you to think and work differently to become a more effective manager, influencer, relationship builder, persuader, delegator, and advisor who can be trusted to move your people and the organization along. The workshop will focus on providing managers and team leaders with skills to assist in working more effective in their roles, and workshops and acquire skills to get better results from your team, manager and subordinates while simultaneously helping you stand out from the pack.

Course Objectives: At the conclusion of the workshop participants should be able to: understand how to analyze and form strategies for communicating and managing up, down and across; learn how to navigate important working relationships; become an effective follower and cultivate effective followers; diagnose your relationship with your peers, your supervisor and your subordinates; and effectively ask for what you want for faster, better results and performance.

Audience: This audience is geared towards upper, middle or new managers who want to learn how to communicate better up, down, and across the organization.

Registration: Please use the Corporate Human Resource Information System (CHRIS) Workflow process to request training enrollment. 
CHRIS Course Code: 001818, Session #: 0016

For organizations not currently using the CHRIS workflow process, please follow your existing interoffice training registration process.

The Office of Learning and Workforce Development (HC-20) will assess the course cost for this training session directly through each Headquarters organization’s Working Capital Fund account.  Field office participants should register via CHRIS.  They should ensure to note the cost of the training course in the tuition field of the training request. 

Funding for travel and per diem-related expenses are the responsibility of the attendee’s respective organization. 
Cancellations must be made two weeks prior to the course start date by contacting the session POC to avoid being charged.
Substitutions accepted any time prior to the start of the course. For further inquiries, please contact your Training Consultant.

Contact: If you have any logistical questions, please contact & Workforce Development:  Heather Barth, at 202-586-8522.

Accommodations for persons with disabilities will be provided upon request.