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Leadership Development Series: "A Holistic Look at Cyber Security"

January 30, 2014 3:30PM to 5:00PM EST

Registration link: By e-mail, $0

Course type: Classroom/Auditorium, Video Cast & Teleconference

Course Location: DOE Headquarters, Forrestal Building, Washington, DC/ Main Auditorium

Course Description: Dr. Steven Bucci, Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies.
The sheer volume of cyber activity is masking serious threats that impact government, business and our personal lives every day.  Incidents are now ubiquitous, pervasive and constitute the new “normal”.  These day to day threats are not existential, but if not addressed, will hinder our ability to provide mission success across the Federal Government. 

The range of cyber and supply chain threats span from individual hackers through Nation State sponsored attacks. The attack vectors include external penetrations, counterfeit products, supply chain interruptions, insertion of malicious code while transiting the supply chain that produce significant economic consequences for businesses, the Federal Government, and our personal lives.  Cyber Security has become an everyday concern for business and government leaders.  Dr. Bucci will provide a compelling presentation on the current and emerging threats, and what leaders across the Federal Government can do to thwart these threats.

Why is this relevant to Federal Service Executives and Senior Leaders?
-Your entire system is Cyber-based; research, communication, transactions, & security
-Cyber is not only a technical issue, it requires management support and focus
-Cyber is a Leadership Concern! (government/business)
-If cyber is not one of the primary considerations in your leadership planning, you will get burned.
-This is NOT “merely an IT” problem any longer

ECQ: Leading People, Results Driven

Audience: SES, SL/ST, Excepted Service, GS-13 through GS-15 Employees

Contact: Dave Rosenmarkle