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Journey to Leadership Certificate Program (Pilot)

May 19, 2014 4:00AM EDT

The Office of Learning and Workforce Development is pleased to announce a pilot training program for DOE entry-level professionals.  The program orientation is scheduled for June 4, 2014.
For Entry-Level Employees (GS-5 through GS-9)

Program Overview: Journey to Leadership is a highly-impactful, interactive program, designed to guide participants in how to develop a successful career strategy; empower them to take control of their own career; and move forward with total confidence!  Participants will be 100% involved in their own learning!   Real life scenarios, case studies, individual and group presentations, sharing knowledge and best practices are just a glimpse of the learning styles used in the delivery of this program. Learning opportunities will be maximized!

Audience: The program is targeting DOE employees at the GS-5 through GS-9 grade level. The program accepts individuals from various career backgrounds across DOE.

Program Cycle: This is a nine month program.  Participants will meet once a month.  Participants will journal their program experience to achieve maximum success.

Tuition Cost: Program tuition is $750 and is the responsibility of the participant’s organization. All training will be held in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Program Benefits/Objectives: 
Participants will use DOE’s core leadership competencies to improve their current knowledge, skills, and abilities to develop achievable goals.

Participants will design and execute a networking system to build relationships and cultivate better communications at all levels.

Participants will design an Individual Development Plan that will enhance their career strategy.

Nomination Procedures for DOE Employees: (Application Deadline May 19, 2014)
Step 1: Employees must coordinate their application package through their training coordinator and supervisor.
Step 2: Follow tuition instructions and select the appropriate payment method for the Journey to Leadership Certificate Program.
All applicants must register for the Journey to Leadership Certificate Program using the Corporate Human Resource Information System (CHRIS) training process.
Please enroll using the following CHRIS course code and session number: # 002659 and session # 0001.
1) Organizations can use their DOE HQ Working Capital Fund (WCF) Accounts as payment.  Please contact your organization’s WCF Program Manager for approval. If approved, do not include the tuition cost in the tuition section, instead type “WCF TRAIN” to indicate the correct billing method.
2) For payment methods outside of the WCF please submit an SF-182 and include the tuition cost in the appropriate section of the training form.
Step 3: Submit vetted approved application materials via email to Shira Kimble or fax to 301-903-7782. 

Please direct any questions or request for additional information to Shira Kimble at 301-903-5116.

Click Here for the Program Application