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EM's Development Program for New Managers/Supervisors

Program Attributes

This development program provides new managers and supervisors with 80 hours of developmental activities during the first two years they are in a leadership position. The program meets OPM, DOE and EM requirements.

  • As the most recent addition to EM’s Leadership Excellence Program (LEP), all new managers/supervisors are to participate in this development program
  • The program meets OPM, DOE and EM requirements for new managers and supervisors.
  • Program consists of 80 hours of supervisory development over a 2-year period; 40 hours/year
  • First year:  core (required) development activities
  • Second year: core and elective development activities
  • Each new manager/supervisor is expected to develop an Executive Excellence Plan (EEP) or Individual Development Plan (IDP), as appropriate, incorporating program requirements

First Year: Core Development Activities

  • Forty hours of supervisory development, as follows:
    • Supervisory Essentials, Strategies for Success (32 hours)
    • Navigating the Federal Hiring Process (8 hours)
  • Additionally, the following  development  activities:
    • Develop EEP or IDP, as appropriate (first month)
    • Take 360° Assessment (end of year)
    • Select/meet regularly with mentor
    • Take Collective Bargaining Agreement refresher
    • Take E-Performance training

Second Year: Core and Elective Development Activities

  • Forty hours of supervisory development, as follows:
    • Coaching for Performance (8 hours)
    • Dealing with Difficult People (8 hours)
    • Conflict Resolution (8 hours)
    • Safety Conscious Work Environment (8 hours)
    • Electives (8 hours)
  • Additional DOE/EM Mandated Training (Annually)

  • All supervisors (9 hours)
    • Diversity & Inclusion (2 hours)
    • Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) (.5  hour)
    • Ethics (1 hour)
    • Information Systems Security Awareness (1 hour)
    • No Fear Act (1 hour)
    • Privacy Act (1 hour)Federal  Employee Occupational Health and Safety  (FEOHS) (for Managers; 1 hour)
    • Records Management (1 hour)
    • Veterans Employment Training for Federal Hiring Managers (.5 hour)

Electives Available to New Managers/Supervisors

  1. Federal Executive Institute (FEI) (managers and supervisors need to apply)
  2. DOE Leadership Development Series (Leadership Seminars)
  3. Leading EDGE- Executives Driving Government Excellence
  4. Fundamentals of Program Management
  5. Changing Dimension in DOE
  6. Communication Matters
  7. Five Conversations
  8. Executive Learning Series
  9. Avoiding Problem Performance Simulation *
  10. Dealing with Problem Performance Simulation *
  11. Goals and Setting Goals *
  12. Handling Unacceptable Performance *
  13. Just Promoted *
  14. Managerial Skills and Abilities *
  15. Measuring Performance *
  16. Mentoring Employees *
  17. Resolving Conflict with Communication Skills *
  18. Understanding the Hiring Process *
  19. Writing Performance Objectives *
  20. Making Sense of Performance Appraisal
  21. Employee Engagement for Managers
  22. Setting Performance Expectations *

*Online learning