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DOE Mentoring Guidance and Program Plan

If you are interested in continuous learning and self-development, the DOE Mentoring Program is for you. This guide will provide you with general information regarding mentoring at DOE. Learning about the program is the first step to facilitate effective Mentor/Mentee partnerships. It is to be used in conjunction with the Tools for Mentor or Tools for Mentee depending on your role as Mentor or Mentee.

The DOE Mentoring Program provides enriching experiences through reciprocal relationships and opportunities while sharing knowledge, leveraging skills, and cultivating talent. It provides a series of developmental experiences for matched mentoring pairs and designated groups. The primary goal of the relationships is personal and professional development for individuals. Through the mentoring relationship, mentors have the opportunity to coach, guide and share experiences, knowledge, and skills which will contribute to the Mentee’s development. Mentoring opportunities will vary according to the needs and interests of the Mentee and the organization. Mentoring relationships require time, commitment, and clear plans of action.