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DOE Certification Programs

The following are certification programs offered at DOE:

  • Acquisition Career Management Program (ACMP) - is managed by the Office of Acquisition and Project Management's (OAPM) Professional Development Division (PDD).  ACMP implements Federal Acquisition Certifications established by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy in accordance with the provisions of 41 USC 433 regarding professionalization of the non-DOD acquisition workforce.
  • IT Project Management Qualification Process - is developed by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to provide a framework for certifying Federal IT Project Managers as having the qualifications necessary to manage IT projects.  Per the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines, the IT PM qualification process is aligned with the Federal CIOC's guidelines for qualifying Federal IT Project Managers.
  • Project Management Career Development Program (PMCDP)- is managed by the Office of Acquisition and Project Management's (OAPM) Professional Development Division (PDD).  The program was established in 2001 by a Congressional mandate to ensure the Department of Energy (DOE) has well qualified and experienced Federal Project Directors (FPDs) overseeing complex capital asset construction and environmental cleanup projects.
  • Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program (SES CDP)-is designed to develop a pool of qualified candidates and help DOE meet their succession planning goals.  The program provides career enhancement and executive skills development for GS-14 and 15 (or equivalent work experience) employees with high potential for the SES.  Participants are selected through  competive and staffing procedures.
  • DOE Online Learning Center –offers SkillSoft online courses that can lead to business, desktop and IT professional certifications.  The online classes can be accessed 365 days a year from any desktop and are completed at your own pace.  All DOE Federal employees (excluding contractors and military) have a complimentary subscription to the entire enterprise library of OLC courses.
  • Acquisition Fellows Program (AFP) - is a program designed to recruit, acquire, develop and retain 1102 series contract specialist.  Fellows are recruited, hired, selected and funded by their sponsoring DOE/NNSA office.