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Competency Management Program

The DOE faces a talent challenge derived from a number of factors including a dynamic operating environment, an anticipated wave of retirements from the workforce, and a projected shortage of workers with needed skills. The Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) is charged with leading the effort to address the talent challenge. The strategic identification, development and use of competencies are key enablers "for strategically aligning the agency's workforce to its missions through effective management of human capital policies and programs." Competency-centric Learning and Development facilitates the selection, development, training, and management of a highly skilled, productive, and diverse workforce.

The primary goal is to establish a Department-wide, standard process for the identification, development, and use of competencies through a Departmental Competency Management Program. Key success factors for this program include the implementation of a standard competency dictionary for use by all DOE elements and the implementation of a fully automated Competency Assessment System. The initial version of this dictionary can be found in the resources listed below.

Key Outcomes

  • An automated, competency management system that fully integrates with the Department’s HRIS and provides the DOE workforce with the ability to assess competencies, identify and address potential developmental areas
  • Competency assessments that provide data for both individual development and organizational workforce development use via gap analysis reporting
  • An adjudicated, evaluated list of competencies, that have been reviewed by key stakeholders within the organization, complete with rating scales and behavioral anchors
  • A mapping of Universal, Management and Leadership competencies to HC-20 core training courses


This project benefits the Department in terms of both cost and efficiency with regard to Human Capital Management. It provides a strong foundation that will allow the Department to begin a competency based approach to talent management. Competency usage is key in the future of strategic management of human capital, including succession planning, recruitment and workforce planning. The competency management system will significantly increase the ability to perform these functions effectively. In addition, this program benefits Human Capital and its customers by:

  • Providing the ability to conduct a competency gap assessment, with the ability to identify the training that is needed to close those gaps
  • Improving the targeting of training to assure the right training is procured and that economies of scale in training offerings is achieved
  • Providing more thorough, comprehensive training needs assessment at the individual, occupational and organizational levels. Currently, this important capability does not exist
  • Reducing the cost in terms of FTE time to accomplish a training needs assessment.