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College of Science

College of Science


The College of Science’s (CS) mission is to provide DOE employees with the information resources necessary to keep current in the field of science.  This is an important topical area for employees since DOE’s mission is to address many scientific challenges, through transformative science and technology solutions, ensuring that America’s security and prosperity is addressed.   About half of DOE's activities include Research and Development (R&D) which supports the DOE mission, making it imperative that employees are provided with scientific and technical information (STI) resources.
To make great discoveries, DOE employees who manage and support DOE's R&D efforts need scientific information, and they need it fast. Through a suite of innovative tools and resources, the Office of Science and Technology Institute (OSTI) works to ensure DOE employees can readily find and share research so that science can advance. The CS ensures that these resources are provided in a single place, making them easily accessible.

"Science progresses only if knowledge is shared.
OSTI Corollary:
Accelerating the sharing of scientific knowledge

accelerates the advancement of science.

Pathways to Transparent Science Information

OSTI is the DOE organization charged with making STI resources resulting from R&D available to DOE and the public.  Through its STI programs, OSTI collects and preserves STI, DOE-funded R&D results, in a variety of document formats, and houses them in a central repository of both physical and electronic publications.

Through the sharing of STI, OSTI provides access to expanded sources of R&D information to the DOE research community and science-attentive public to advance awareness of a broad array of scientific information related to DOE missions.To access DOE, Federal, and Global STI resources resulting from R&D, see the STI Resources page

CS Strategy

The CS strategy uses STI resources collected and preserved by OSTI and makes them accessible to DOE employees through this page.