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College of Emergency Operations

College of Emergency Operations


The Emergency Operations Training Academy (EOTA) will be recognized as the model technical training provider for DOE emergency operations personnel, while expanding its customer base to include other designated government and private-sector national and international organizations that require professional training, education, and vocational services. In this expanded role, the Academy will be a vital training asset for DOE and the nation.


Provide training analysis, development, and delivery support to the Office of Emergency Operations (NA-40), act in an advisory role in training oriented initiatives, provide access to emergency management/response training throughout the DOE/NNSA complex, support outreach via collaboration and resource sharing with other federal organizations.

The Emergency Operations Training Academy (EOTA) web-based and computer-based training is available free of charge. EOTA instructor-led training and exercises occur at various sites across the country, including the EOTA facility in Albuquerque, NM.


The Emergency Operations Training Academy provides state-of-the-art training and education for the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration, to enhance the readiness of personnel in the emergency operations community.

Core Capabilities & Standard Activities

  • Full-spectrum Instructional Design Expertise
  • Course Programming (Flash and HTML)
  • Robust Data/Knowledge Management (VISION)
  • Professional Graphics Design/Production
  • Effective Management/Administrative Infrastructure
  • Stand-alone IT Network/Dedicated Training Server
  • Skilled Core Staff Perform with Long/Short-term Augmentation as Required by Variation to Scope of Work
  • Comprehensive Operational Processes
  • On-site Classrooms
  • Analysis
  • Course Development
  • Web-based Training
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Exercises
  • Mobile Training Teams
  • Facilitation