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Career Development

Career Development

The Department of Energy (DOE) offers a variety of learning and development programs to address employee needs throughout the continuum of knowledge and experience from entry-level employees to senior executives. The Office of Learning and Workforce Development can help you find the program that serves your needs.

These programs represent a major commitment by the DOE in an employee's career development. Most DOE organizational elements have a coordinator for these programs to ensure that applicants are given a fair opportunity to participate based on merit principles. The participants need to work with the program coordinators to complete the programs in a satisfactory manner, and that resources are available, especially where programs span more than one fiscal year. In addition, many of the career development programs require a Continued Service Agreement, where a participant agrees to work for the Department for a specified period after completing the training program. Use the links provided below for detailed information about each program.

NOTE: An agency can require an employee to sign a Continued Service Agreement for any and all courses funded by the Government.

Career Development Programs

GS Level Program
All Levels Acquisition Career Management Program
IT Project Management Qualification Process
Mike Mansfield Fellowship
Project Management Career Development Program
GS 4-6 Aspiring Leader Program
GS 7-11 New Leader Program
GS 11-13 Executive Leadership Program
Program for Emerging Leaders
Leadership Transition Program
GS 12-14 Advanced Management Program
National Security Executive Leadership Seminar
Understanding the Interagency
GS 13-15 Executive Potential Program
Presidents Management Council Interagency Rotational Program
LEGIS Congressional Fellowship
GS 14-15

Controlling the Bomb
Excellence in Government Fellows

National Securities Studies Program
Naval War College
Nuclear Energy Security Fellows Program
Senior Executive Fellows

GS 15-SES Federal Executive Institute (FEI)