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Senior Technical Safety Manager (STSM) Training Curriculum

April 25, 2014 - 12:59pm


The National Training Center’s (NTC) Safety Training Program has instituted a training curriculum consisting of three courses that support STSM qualification and re-qualification.

Course 1: SAF-220DE, STSM Knowledge Base
The four seasons of the on-line eLearning course SAF-220DE cover ALL of the supporting knowledge statements contained in DOE-STD-1175-2006 that were transferred over to the new FAQS, DOE-STD-1175-2013. Requalifying STSMs can refresh their knowledge by picking certain statements out of the four seasons of this course to review or they may choose to take the complete course.

Course 2: SAF-221, STSM Applications
Provides STSM candidates and incumbents with the ability to refresh and update their skill level of selected performance requirements in DOE STD-1175-2013, Senior Technical Safety Manager Functional Area Qualification (FAQ) Standard along with the new associated knowledge requirements contained in the 2013 FAQS. Performance requirements associated with safety culture, training, emergency management, safeguards and security, configuration management and assessments are covered.

Course 3: SAF-222, STSM Case Study Applications
Provide STSM candidates and incumbents with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in DOE-STD-1175-2013, STSM FAQS to real-world situations based on case studies gleaned from actual events that have occurred within DOE facilities. Knowledge and skill requirements associated with Decision making, Employee concerns and Differing Professional Opinions, Human Factors Engineering, Oversight/Assessments, Waste Management & Environmental, and Safety Basis are covered

Between the three courses, a new STSM candidate will have the opportunity to cover all of the supporting knowledge and skill statements under the sixteen competencies and also the Mandatory Performance Activities (MPAs) required in the DOE-STD-1175-2013. It is recommended that STSMs going through requalification who do not have opportunities to perform these activities at their site or during rotational assignments,  attend SAF-221, STSM Applications and SAF-222, STSM Case Study Applications as they support opportunities to perform the skill statements and MPAs contained in the DOE-STD-1175-2013.
The only supporting skills not covered in these courses are the ones that are intended to be site-specific.

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