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Knowledge Capture and Transfer Program (KCTP) “Newly Created” Powerpedia Page

June 3, 2014 - 1:36pm


Knowledge Capture and Transfer Program (KCTP) “Newly Created” Powerpedia Page

The Knowledge Capture and Transfer Program (KCTP) has a new logo and a newly created Powerpedia page.  The page layout and program descriptions allow for quicker searches and easier access to information.  The Powerpedia page will be managed and kept updated with new information from each program area on a consistent basis.  This Powerpedia page will be a place that all DOE employees will be able to go and retrieve information about the various programs within the KCTP.  For example, the Knowledge Management Community of Practice has identified After-Action Reviews (AARs) as a  best practice for capturing knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices at the conclusion of a project, program, or major event.

 Click Here to access the template for AARs on Powerpedia located under DOE Communities of Practice.

The goal of the KCTP is to:
• Corporately promote and improve knowledge sharing, professional development, and continual learning
• Prevent the potential loss of critical knowledge and skills possessed by retirement eligible and experts across the Department.

The knowledge Capture and Transfer Program is managed by the Office of Learning and Workforce Development.  Listed below shows how the program is broken down into 4 main areas and their associated programs:

Capture Knowledge

1. Career Development Exchange Program
2. Leadership Exchange
3. University and Business Partnership Program

Store and Retrieve Knowledge

1. DVU
2. Powerpedia
3. iPortal

Share and Transfer Knowledge

1. DOE Communities of Practice
2. Leaders as Teachers
3. Knowledge Café
4. Continual Learning Program

Administer Knowledge Management

1. KCTP Workgroup
2. KM Toolkit
3. Metrics

The Office of Learning and Workforce Development has recognized the importance of developing and implementing a formalized knowledge transfer strategy.

For additional information regarding the KCTP, please contact Deadra Welcome, Program Manager, at 202-586-9533.