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Career Planning - Done Right

January 29, 2014 - 1:22pm


Taken from The Collaborator, December 2013 issue: 

Start the fiscal year off right by creating a comprehensive career plan, otherwise known as the Individual Development Plan for GS employees and an Executive Development Plan for executives at the SES level. DOE Order 360.1C section 4.b.1 (a, b) and 4.b.2, states:

“4.b.1.(a) Except for the exclusions in paragraph 4.b.1.b), all DOE employees must have individual development plans (IDPs) in place within 60 days of joining DOE, changing positions (reassignments, promotions, and/or details), or the beginning of a new performance cycle. DOE O 360.1C 3 7-6-2011. 4.b.1.(b) When supervisors and employees jointly determine and record that individual development planning would result in little or no benefit to DOE because of an employee’s position, expertise, career status, performance level, or personal circumstances, individual development planning is not required. 4.b.(2) Mandatory Executive Development Plans (EDP): Each agency must establish a program or programs for the continuing development of its senior executives in accordance with 5 U.S.C 3396(a). Such agency programs must include preparation, implementation, and regular updating of an Executive Development Plan (EDP) for each senior executive.”

A well-developed IDP can be used as a unique roadmap by every employee to meet their individual career goals. The IDP can be a powerful tool if there is mutual dialogue between the employee and the supervisor about the alignment between the organizational goals and the employee’s career goals. When used correctly, IDPs are useful because they are visible, tangible evidence that employee development is taking place. They can be monitored and tracked as a measure of progress and used as a way to drive accountability for development.

The Office of Learning and Workforce Development offers three no-cost “lunch-and-learn” sessions. The sessions reinforce the idea that the IDP is a living document that should be updated on a regular basis to reflect changes in or successful completion of developmental goals.

Program Elements are encouraged to view this link for additional information on the lunch-and-learn sessions titled:
1. Keep Learning-Even with Tight Budgets
2. Let’s Work on your IDP
3. Employee Development for Supervisors

Click Here, to view the outlined IDP process. For more information about IDPs or to schedule a lunch & learn session, contact your organizations training POC or one of the training advisors listed on the Continual Learning Employee Development Flyer, visit the IDP page on DVU or view the article in June 2013 Collaborator.

Donna Hodnett-Nix, HC21, Innovation and Performance Improvement