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Advanced Management Program

Objective:  The Advanced Management Program (AMP) is a 14-week graduate program designed for middle-and senior-level managers and leaders responsible for promoting and attaining national and international security goals through the strategic use of information and information technology. This is a highly interactive, student-centered, educational experience in which leadership skills and abilities are emphasized. AMP students form a learning community that fosters multiple perspectives on a wide range of issues.

They share knowledge and best practices, strive to become better leaders and decision makers, and master the tools of lifelong learning. Interaction with fellow students, faculty, and government executive guest speakers provides a network of peers throughout the United States public and private sectors and internationally. 

Benefits to Organizations: The program prepares federal civilian employees for high-level policy, command, and staff responsibilities.  Participants will gain valuable experience in leadership, information strategy, national security studies, military strategy, logistics, economics, industry studies, and more.  The experience will help produce capable and exceptionally prepared professionals for the Department. 

Target Audience and Eligibility: Employees in the following fields are encouraged to apply, information management, program management, financial management, and technology management. Federal employees at the GS/GM-13 and above or equivalent Pay Band levels who have earned a Bachelor’s degree. For the Chief Financial Officer Certificate the minimum grade is GS/GM-14. If seeking the degree option, there are additional eligibility requirements.  Employees are eligible to participate in only one career development program at a time; must have career/career-conditional status; and must be serving in permanent, full-time appointments.

NOTE:  Nominated applicants and their organization must ensure there is a nexus between the individual’s duties and the training.

Cost: The tuition is waived for this program; there is no direct training cost. However, the participant’s organization will be responsible for travel and per diem costs if the selectee is outside the Washington, D.C. area. There are no living quarters for attendees to live directly on the NDU campus.

Nomination Procedure and Due Date: Detailed information and application instructions are available at the National Defense University's iCollege Website.

Mail hard copies of packages with official transcripts and signed nomination letters to:

Johnny McChriston
KAFB- National Training Center
P O Box 5400 (Building 30132)
Albuquerque, NM 87117

Selected candidates will be notified once selections are confirmed so that they can begin the process of arranging travel if outside of the D.C. region. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. The fall session is from September 8, 2014 thru December 11, 2014.

DOE Applicants: Please direct questions to Johnny McChriston.