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About DVU

About DVU

The Department of Energy Virtual University (DVU) is a central venue for executing, managing, partnering, and sharing corporate learning activities and programs. The DVU provides employees cost-effective and user-friendly options for professional development and training. Through DVU you will have access to learning and programs, training, and activities across the Department.  

Our Goals

  • Provide a venue that is user-friendly and easily accessible to all geographically separated DOE organizations.
  • Provide a venue to post and share learning & development programs, materials, social media, and training tools across the department.
  • Leverage corporate resources to more effectively and efficiently meet training needs that support organizational missions across the department
  • Create collaborative partnerships with DOE organizations to provide training and education products, services, programs, and policy & guidance.
  • Provide a centralized location where learning and development opportunities are made available to all DOE employees.
  • Continue the effort to help build a collaborative enterprise through the establishment of the DOE Virtual University


The DVU is currently comprised of 7 colleges and there are 2 other colleges that will be operational in 2014.  Each college is sponsored by one of the Department’s elements.  To find these elements’ learning activities and programs check out their college page.  The following are the Department’s elements that have sponsored a college in the DVU and their college’s name:

  • Office of Emergency Operations, College of Emergency Operations (EOTA)
  • Office of Health, Safety and Security, College of Health, Safety and Security
  • Office of Legacy Management, College of Legacy Management
  • Office of Science, College of Science
  • Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, College Environmental Management
  • Office of Learning & Workforce Development, College of Learning and Workforce Development
  • Assistant Secretary for Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, College of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability